Kenya’s Mining Ecosystem

It’s high time we in TTC grabbed this mining opportunity for the benefit of our indigenous people!

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Ever wondered what mining in Kenya entails? The laws that relate to it? The minerals? Exploration data available and where to get it? Where to get your sample(s) tested? Its significance to the Kenyan economy? The forums and events you can attend? Which institutions offer mining related courses? Wonder no more, because this blog is about these and more!

Mining in Kenya is a budding sector that is currently receiving the much-needed attention it has lacked for the longest time. Mining has hitherto contributed meagerly  to the GDP, but this is changing; the Base Titanium project for example, has put Kenya on the global map and further scaled the earnings from minerals. In the third quarter of 2018, GDP from mining increased to around $130 million. This is not to imply that mining has just recently started. In fact, mining has been around since the early 1900s when gold was…

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