Are we making celebrities out of the climate crisis? Time to think REAL Action. — Green Treasures Farms

The climate movement has in the last couple years taken a new turn world over. Now more than ever before, young people have mobilized around the climate strikes, a tactic that has spread across the world like wild fire. And yes, this is a much needed ingredient when it comes to resistance & the cause […]

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Mining zone in mwatate to be opened up to allow more space for artisanal and small scale mining

There’s light at the end of the funnel…locals should grab this opportunity!

County Government of Taita Taveta

The County Government is engaging the authorities to ensure the mining zone that was set aside in Wananchi settlement scheme in Mwatate is opened up to allow for more space for artisanal and small scale mining.

Speaking in Chawia CBO grounds during the Mining prayer caravan organised by Voice of Kings church led by pastor Nathan Maina, the Deputy Governor Majala Mlagui said the County will improve infrastructure in mining areas to make them conducive for working.

The Deputy Governor also called for the formation of mining cooperatives and CBOs.

“Right now we are standing on Chawia CBO grounds, in Kasighau we have Dapata mining CBO. I challenge miners across the County to join hands and form more CBOs and cooperatives because it’s through such unity that we can have tremendous achievements,” she said.

The CECM Mining urged miners to observe moral and ethical standards in their daily endeavors and…

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Rukinga Wildlife Sanctuary

Good places to go….one of the Coastal heritage places to visit!

The Explorer's Club of Kenya

Rukinga Wildlife Sanctuary is one of seven ranches that come together to form the Tsavo Conservancy in Taita-Taveta County,Kenya. It covers an area of 42,000 kilometers and forms a critical migratory corridor for wildlife between Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks.

we departed from Nairobi National Museum for Voi where we stopped to have lunch. Late afternoon we finally arrived at Rukinga, exhausted but excited for the adventure that lay ahead.

During the early morning game drive we spotted the Rothschild giraffe, gerenuk gazelles, hartebeests and many buffaloes. There are plenty of birds to be seen as well, the most common being the Jacksons Hornbill. Throughout the day we spotted them on the ground feeding on fruits. The secretary bird, Franco, Busturd, Mouse bird and the Snake Eagle were equally rewarding to see.

As we drove through the commiphora- acacia woodland, Oryx and Hartebeests escaped deeper into the bush…

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Kenya’s Mining Ecosystem

It’s high time we in TTC grabbed this mining opportunity for the benefit of our indigenous people!

Mining &Minerals Kenya Blog

Ever wondered what mining in Kenya entails? The laws that relate to it? The minerals? Exploration data available and where to get it? Where to get your sample(s) tested? Its significance to the Kenyan economy? The forums and events you can attend? Which institutions offer mining related courses? Wonder no more, because this blog is about these and more!

Mining in Kenya is a budding sector that is currently receiving the much-needed attention it has lacked for the longest time. Mining has hitherto contributed meagerly  to the GDP, but this is changing; the Base Titanium project for example, has put Kenya on the global map and further scaled the earnings from minerals. In the third quarter of 2018, GDP from mining increased to around $130 million. This is not to imply that mining has just recently started. In fact, mining has been around since the early 1900s when gold was…

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